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I've been with Blue Wheelers since 2014 in my home area of Umina Beach 2257. My number one tip for pet owners in regards to washing and grooming is to always monitor your dog's skin for irritation, scratching or biting. This can be very uncomfortable for our furry friends and may need a different hypoallergenic shampoo, flea treatments or removal of knots and tangles. If you live in Umina Beach or the surrounding region and want to book your best friend in for a little bit of TLC fill out the booking form. I can't wait to meet you and your dog. My favourite thing about being a Blue Wheeler is the different dogs and people I get to see each day. When I leave in the morning I feel like I am on my way to spend time with my friends. I love the way the dogs play and wrestle after having their bath or hair clipped, this the best part of the job and I can leave knowing the dog is happy and had a bit of fun.

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