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Murphys Paw Grooming
No Reviews
Murphy’s Paw offers grooming that will enable your dog to walk out with a style that flatters and highlights its best features. Professional groomers work with your dog’s body shape and features and use hand-scissoring techniques to produce a style t
Sakura La Dog Grooming Salon
1 Review
At Sakura La, we aim to create a feeling of new life and renewal . We wish to care for your pets and make sure that both owner and pet are happy with their visit. Sakura La has been making canine family members beautiful in Newtown for over ten years
Paws of Distinction
No Reviews
Paws of Distinction commenced dog grooming in Adelaide in April 2014 after taking the “leash” from LuvDog which has been operating in the Beulah Park area since 2010. Paws of Distinction is owner operated by Amanda, who has over 15 years of professio
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Pet Grooming Near Me is powered by Google Maps so that the closest Pet Groomers is at the top of our home page without any need to filter and sort results.

The closest Pet Groomers to where you are right now, this is our guarantee.

We are a flat rate directory that supports large and small businesses equally, helping you to find the right Pet Groomers; call, message, email or click to contact the Pet Groomers that best suits your needs.

Because is a targeted industry directory, it not only helps local Pet Groomer increase sales inquiries, but it also helps the websites of local Pet Groomer to rank higher on Google Organic search and Google My Business.

What Problem are we Solving?

Someone needed to give small Pet Groomer a level playing field on a high-ranking directory for Pet Groomer.

Every other web directory and digital platform where people search for Pet Groomer is fundamentally flawed for the public by a premium based advertising business model where 'whoever pays more gets prominence'. We are unique in that we see the searchers needs as more important than an advertisers marketing budget.

In addition, we are focused on the task of connecting people with Pet Groomer on an Industry Specific website. Nothing but Pet Groomer can be found on

How we do it

'Near Me' is a popular search term used across a wide variety of inquiries on the internet including people searching for local Pet Groomer.

Pet Grooming Near Me is unlike any other directory, our home page is the search results page and there is nothing but precisely what you are looking for, sorted by the nearest to your location.

Contact with the Pet Groomers you want is immediate via phone, text, email with links to their website and other social platforms.

With a Google Map on each advertiser's webpage, you can launch Directions via Google Maps to take you there.

Where Do We Operate

Based in Australia, is a global directory with over 13,000 location pages ensuring coverage is wide yet focused on a single purpose of connecting people with Pet Groomer.

No Matter where you are searching from, you can be assured you will find the closest Pet Groomers at the top of our Home Page.

Who is Pet Grooming Near Me? is owned and operated by Findit Near Me Pty Ltd ABN 59 652 793 201, where we operate a comprehensive range of industry focused directory websites.

Each Findit Near Me website is what's called a 'Niche Industry Directory', which is highly regarded by Google as a NAPW Citation.

See more of our directories at Findit Near Me

How to find the Right Pet Groomers

Love to ensure your fur baby is neat and smelling divine? Absolutely! But how do you navigate the huge array of services out there to avoid your pooch’s chop being a flop?

The right pet groomer possesses certain personal qualities. They like working with animals and are comfortable around them. They have compassion for and patience with their four-legged clients.

However, they must also deal with pet owners, so they must show the same traits when dealing with humans. Pet groomers must have physical stamina. Not only might they need to lift heavy animals onto the worktable, some grooming sessions can last for two hours or more.

Groomers must be detail-oriented, especially when preparing animals for a show as each breed must be carefully groomed to meet established standards.

Consider these points when searching for the right groomer for your pet.

Although most grooming tasks do not require extensive training, the more experience a groomer has, the better. You want a groomer who is reputable, the same way you want a beautician or any personal care professional to have the necessary skills and training when you need services yourself.

You have to find the person who fits your pet and your individual needs. You want someone who knows what they are doing in general with any pet and for your particular pet as well. Take the time to check them out to find a groomer who is qualified.

Some groomers may require proof of immunisations for your pet, so remember if they are requiring this, they are thinking about the health and welfare of all of their clients, including your pet, so this is a good thing, not an annoyance.

Many groomers prefer that the owners are out of sight so there are no distractions for them or the pet. The presence of an owner may be more detrimental than helpful if your pet is trying to get away from the groomer and get to you. Your pet could get cut or hurt the groomer if they are too agitated and distracted to sit still. If you’ve found a good groomer you are comfortable leaving your pet with and returning when the grooming is finished, that may work better for you, the pet and the groomer. However, some pets are more comfortable if their human companion is nearby. Find out what the groomer’s preference is and work with them.

Not all pets like being groomed, or they may resist going to the groomers. Some are more aggressive than others, particularly when put in what they see as an uncomfortable, stressful or threatening situation. Know your pet’s temperament and relay that to the groomer. They may or may not be able or willing to work with your pet.

Basic grooming may include bathing, cutting nails or cutting hair. There are groomers who also offer over the top pampering for your pet. Whether or not that is necessary is up to you. If cost is an issue, compare groomers and see what services are included or offered for what fees. Big and fancy is not necessarily better than simple and straightforward service. Know what you are getting for your money.

In summary

Going to the groomers should not be a horrible experience for your pet or for you. Some pets love & anticipate it so much they get excited when it’s time to go see their groomer. The right groomer can make all the difference in the experience your pet has. Since pet grooming is a service you will need on a continuing basis, finding the perfect fit for you and your pet is important.

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